The album 'Soundtrack Work 2004-2008' by Teho Teardo is released on Expanding Records on 23rd August 2010 as a 6 page digipack and download from bleep.com.
"Experience tells me that sooner or later those who seek will find and between searching and finding there are important moments, moments such as the ones we hear on this beautiful album" - Ennio Morricone

soundtrack work 2004-2008
The debut album by pq 'You'll Never Find Us Here' is out now as a
digital download and digipack compact disc

you'll never find us here
The latest album by Cathode 'Sparkle Plenty' is available in
digital download and digipack compact disc format.

sparkle plenty
Twenty Systems the latest album by Benge, available from Cargo
"A brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music" - Brian Eno

twentysystems twentysystems twentysystems