The Condition of Muzak is a radio show compiled and mixed by Paul Merritt (tench)

It originally appeared in 1995 as a weekly 2 hour show on the first ever internet radio station Set up by Mr C of the Shaman and pirate radio dj Redz it now owned and run by the internet genius Tim Read. The show is still available on and here on this page.

The Condition of Muzak is now the longest running radio show of any kind on the internet.

Early shows were put together by Tench and Mike Sumpter (Spongeboy) and as Spongeboy and Tench they dj'd on radio and in clubs from the mid nineties into the new millenium. The Condition of Muzak is also the name of the Expanding Records club night which ran monthly in 2000 for a year and then became an occasional 'happening' which has been transported worldwide.

t:com mix 02_2009 [ mp3 download ]
t:com mix 01_2008 [ mp3 download ]